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Halo ATM

The HALO ATM offers a unique and attractive design, perfect for locations ranging from small convenience stores to high-end ATM locations. Attractive and customizable color LED lighting around the keyboard attracts more users to drive additional transactions and revenue for your bottom line. The intuitive interface of the Nautilus Hyosung app is presented on a vivid 10.1-inch LCD screen, and all user touch points (screen interface, keypad and checkout) are located for easy visibility and optimal accessibility.

Hitachi ATM

As per RBI guidelines, five free transactions per month are allowed at all WLA/Bank ATMs (three free transactions per month in the case of Metros). These include financial and non-financial transactions. To find out more about these charges, please contact your respective bank.Hitachi Money Spot ATM” is the brand for our White Label ATM deployment in India. White-Label ATMs across the country with a strong focus on Tier 3-6 cities for deployment.


ATM Programs

The ATM program logically follows three processes for a proper transaction, which includes cash withdrawal, deposit and balance check. These three program sections are executed using C switching cases with initialized variables and functions with conditions. An ATM allows a customer to access his/her financial accounts through its ATMs and others and perform approved retail transactions at the point of sale. Is. i.e gas stations, grocery stores, hardware stores.

ATM Partners Program

The ATM Expert “ATM Partner Program” is designed for sites aimed at DIY business owners. This program is similar to our free investment program except for one thing: you will use your money to keep the ATM full. That’s all, everything else will be paid for and handled by ATM experts.With years of experience and over 4000 ATMs deployed, you can rest assured that ATM experts understand what it takes to maintain a reliable and profitable high volume ATM.

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Dogma Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a national, full-service ATM placement company that specializes in helping business owners earn additional revenue at no cost by placing our state-of-the-art ATMs at their place of business. Apply for ATM.

ATM Partners Program

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ATM Packages Program

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Dogma Softech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading ATM companies in the country, providing attractive and personalized ATM programs and services to business owners. You can create an environment of increased customer spending, fewer returned checks, and lower processing fees for merchants. We will create an ATM program for your place of business or if you want to grow your own ATM business.

Long-Term Relationships

We develop fruitful and lasting relationships with our customers and partners. For this Dogma Softech Pvt. Stands behind its products and programs with personalized customer service and step-by-step support. We are excited to provide the best ATM solutions and best customer service in the industry. As a customer of Dogma Softech Pvt. Ltd., you will receive a dedicated Account Manager who is committed to providing you the attention you deserve.

ATM installers
ATM installers

Major ATM Networks

Dogma Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a nationwide company affiliated with leading ATM processing networks and providers. Plus, we are better equipped to service your machine anywhere in India. Due to our nationwide reach, you can be assured that any ATM service or installation request you may have will be handled quickly and efficiently. We are your number one source for ATM solutions in North India. Contact us today!