About Us

Our Experience has so far been great. We did work as DOGMA SOFTECH PVT.LTD.

We have a strong reputation that has existed for years because of

the loyalty and confidence of our committed customers.

DOGMA SOFTECH PVT.LTD its parent company proudly provides and services best-of-class ATMs, financial service kiosks, and marketing products to small and medium-sized businesses throughout India. The management team at HITACHI PAYMENTS SERVICE PVT LTD. is made up of former retailers who understand the day-to-day challenges facing business owners today. Based on our team’s 20+ years of retail experience, we have developed effective and economical ATM programs that make good financial and business sense to business owners throughout the country.

Through the free placement programs at DOGMA SOFTECH PVT.LTD, you can receive a new ATM machine for your business at no cost to you. Your new ATM machine will be up and running to earn revenue for your business in as little as 3-5 days. We help consumers across the country access the cash they need, when and where they need it the most. DOGMA SOFTECH PVT.LTD provides thousands of people with fast and convenient locations to make deposits, cash checks, transfer money, and pay bills. We help merchants increase convenience for their customers and draw in new customers seeking our financial services.


DOGMA SOFTECH PVT.LTD was Plantation, Hadapsar Pune, and is quickly becoming recognized as a leading provider in the ATM Machine space. Our knowledgeable management team has extensive experience in the financial services, retail and small business marketing space. Through this experience, DOGMA SOFTECH PVT.LTD has the knowledge and experience to customize a program that works best for your type of business in your local market.


Our Mission is To deliver significant services that are both effective and economical while creating strong relationships with our clients. To put up the utmost effort while boosting the caliber of our clients under trying situations.We are absolutely certain that if we encourage additional value and the best customer service.


Our Vision highlights that in order to successfully meet new customer needs and management’s vision of quality service, the organization’s people and procedures must be improved.

Our basic values

Build on trust: our people’s trust, our client’s trust, and the community’s trust.
Our performance and actions are defined by integrity, accountability, credibility, transparency, and principled business conduct.
Commitment to Endeavor for innovation and excellence.
Safety principles and environmental protection will not be compromised.
Operational efficiency will be achieved through teamwork and consistent collaboration.
Continuous investment in our people, by building on professional development, and continuous learning.
Our long-term commitment is to sustainably grow by expressing new trends whilst sustaining awareness and our long-lasting maritime culture.