ATM Reseller Partners


Through our partnerships with leading ATM Processing companies, ATM manufacturers, digital marketing, and social media companies, DOGMA SOFTECH PVT LTD provides its ATM Reseller Partners with a robust and competitive suite of services designed to meet the needs of small businesses owners. Independent agents and ATM Reseller Partners of DOGMA SOFTECH PVT LTD are able to earn a recurring residual income stream on multiple, bundled product offerings that are in demand by merchants and easy to present.


  • Agents work their own hours on their own schedule
  • No cap or limit on your income
  • Online dashboard and residual tracking portal
  • Merchant Sales Leads
  • No Exclusivity

Our Services Include

  • ATM Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Free Online Advertising
  • Merchant Lead Generation
  • ATM Full and Partial Placement
  • Social Media & Marketing Assistance

Automatic teller machines are seemingly everywhere. Is it profitable to own an ATM machine?

From new products to strategies to increasing sales leads, business owners should always be on the lookout for ways to make more money. Some business owners look to ATMs (automated teller machines) to increase passive income. Brick-and-mortar businesses, such as restaurants, gas stations or nail salons, may benefit from having an ATM. It can attract more customers and make money for your business. But how profitable is an ATM?

ATM Packages

reduced operating costs

Reduced Operating Costs

By using an ATM management partner, you can benefit from collective buying power and reduced operating costs. Your ATM outsourcing partner should be able to consolidate all services required to operate an ATM into one low monthly payment. The only item that you will need to take care of is ordering cash.


Less Stress on Resources

Based on recent technology and cardholder trends, it is likely your financial institution is focused on developing mobile, online, and other electronic banking tools. Resources to manage ATMs might be limited leaving issues such as transaction processing, EMV, PCI, ADA regulations, Windows 7 & 10 migration, 

Improved Customer Service

Improved Customer Service

Your main goal is to provide loans and financial services to your customers or members and stimulate growth and revenue. The location and performance of your ATMs play a big role in consumer satisfaction but they are a small portion of what your financial institution offers. By outsourcing your ATM program, you relieve your front-line staff of the multitude of tasks that come with managing ATMs allowing them to provide an optimal in-branch.


Regulatory Compliance Challenges

With constant changes and updates for technology and compliance, and the ongoing risk of ATM fraud, one of the greatest benefits of ATM outsourcing is your institution’s ability to eliminate its responsibility for maintaining regulatory compliance in matters related to ATM software patches, security, & fraud protection, and other regulatory changes.  All of those aspects are now addressed by your outsourced provider.

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